michael copon

Michael Copon is an actor and producer, best known for his portrayal of the Blue Ranger on Power Rangers Time Force in 2001. He is also known for his roles in The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior (2008) and 247°F (2011). He also starred in Bring it on: In It to Win It, One Tree Hill as Felix, and part of The Boyz in Motion on Disney's Thats So Raven. He diversified by acting in horror movies like Night of the Demons, Killer Holiday, and 247°F, as well as guest starring in shows like CSI Miami, Hawaii 5-0, Reno 911, and Scrubs.

Ryngs Odis Holcomb


"Ryngs" (aka: Odis Holcomb) is a freelance fine artist, illustrator, and costumer who works almost solely in traditional media such as acrylics, oils, pastels, charcoal, and graphite. Having studied Fine Art, Costume Design, and Circus Arts (yes, he has a degree in Circus Arts) has given him a wide range of skills and talents to call upon.

The bulk of his material has been in private custom commission work (portraits, character design, and costume design). He has also worked with several publishers on books covers, periodical illustration, album covers, RPG game art, and advertisements. Some of his clients include Sanguine Production for Iron Claw, Sofawolf Press, the metal band “Vore”, and as a contracted costumer for Fox Theater (in Atlanta), and Disney Cruise lines.

At the moment Ryngs lives and works out of his studio in the foothills of the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas for customers worldwide.

starlight ent DJ

starlightt entertainment

Starlightt Entertainment is northwest Arkansas’ supreme event specialist crew. With over 5 years of DJ experience and only 5 star reviews, we maintain unrivaled versatility in party specialization. Being frequent con-goers Starlightt entertainment is not only ecstatic to provide for this event, but honored to give the littest rave in NWA con history.

bound by fire FIREBALL


Bound by Fire returns for a high energy show, bringing you entertainment in the form of Cheesy Jokes, Spiderman DJ's, LED and Fire performances! Come see them spin, dance and set themselves AFLAME!!!

Bound By Fire is a high-energy, high-performance manipulative arts group that travels the Midwest spinning poi and telling enough cheesy jokes. Based out of Springfield, MO, Bound by Fire started out as a group of friends, and turned into a group of people wanting to bring the same high energy level of entertainment that they have within themselves. They perform with Fire Props, LED Props, and even Soft Props. If you have had the privilege to see one of their shows, you know you're in for an amazing night.



Come meet and greet members from the Diamond Garrison of the 501st Legion - the world's definitive Imperial costuming group. Since 1997, the 501st Legion has been dedicated to re-creating film-quality costumes of the "villainous" characters of the Star Wars galaxy and entertaining Star Wars fans with their public appearances. Over the past twenty years, the 501st has become a leading force in fan-based charity events around the world. Members of the Legion have heightened awareness at promotional events, helped to raise millions of dollars for charity, and spread the magic of Star Wars to fans of all ages.

todd joker cosplay

Todd Allen Fischer

With over 20 years of experience in acting, directing, and teaching, Todd Allen Fischer has worked as a D.J. for Clear Channel Fort Smith and taught acting classes for the John Robert Powers talent agency. Graduating with a Bachelor's in Communications and Theatre from S.O.S.U, he logged many hours on staff at The Southeastern newspaper, Theatre at Southeastern, and as an on-air personality at Power 92 FM. He has also taught junior high and high school drama/speech, as well as the other subjects in his certifications (8 total).

His performing career has led him from community theatre to the Fort Smith comedy circuits. Recently, he has been featured in roles in the Forbidden Tears productions of: Flowers in the Snow, "Don't Ever Tell", and The Other Side of the Rainbow: Slipping into Darkness, as well as in the Andmore productions of: Park Girl and the internet radio series, Arkham Noire on FalconFM.


What happens when you cross four bros, a main stage, some pretty gals, and some killer tunes? An epic side quest for these Chocobros that's for sure! Come see Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus take the stage and give you an epic show that you'll definitely need some healing for at the end!

fellowship cosplay

The Fellowship Cosplay

The Fellowship Cosplay Group was Forged in the Ozark Mountains. The cosplay group includes Hobbits, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Knights, Gandalf, & Lord Sauron.

Using formal education skills in art, drafting, carpentry, blacksmithing and business we work together in creating our group cosplay. Members of the fellowship enjoy participating in Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), creative writing, performing, costume design and construction, and theatrical design.As fans of Tolkien, the group designs their cosplay to accurately reflect descriptions from the books. The Fellowship shares a goal of bringing more interactive cosplay experiences to the fans of Tolkien and introducing others to Middle-Earth.