Convention Rules

Here are a few rules that the con staff and venue staff please ask to be followed:

  • No gum and no glitter is allowed in the Convention Center or Holiday Inn, as per request of the Ft. Smith Convention Center and Holiday Inn Staff.
  • No food or drink will be permitted into the Theater, as per request of the Ft. Smith Convention Center staff.
  • We do not allow live steel to be carried at our event. Live steel refers to anything that can carry a metal blade. That means no “real” swords, blades or metal edged weapons are to be used in your cosplay (costume).
  • If you decide to carry a “gun” as part of your cosplay/costume, realistic guns MUST have an orange tip. Loaded water guns are not allowed. Airsoft Guns must be unloaded as well. If you are found to have a “loaded” airsoft gun, your gun will be confiscated.
  • As per Arkansas state law, We do not allow anything deemed Obscene to be displayed at any time.
  • Cameras of any kind are welcome, however, if it is stated that a panel or event is not to photographed or videotaped, please respect this. Sometimes videotaping an event that a guest is involved in can violate the guests contract with their employer. We love our guests, and do not wish trouble for them!
  • No illegal Drugs, nor anyone believed to be under the influence of illegal Drugs or alcohol is allowed on the premises.
  • If an emergency occurs, we ask that you follow the guidance of the Konsplosion security Team.
  • Theft is not tolerated, anyone caught stealing will be handed over to the Police immediately.
  • Any and all rules can be added to or amended at any time by any Konsplosion Committee Member when they feel a situation calls for such action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Konsplosion for ages 18+ only?
A: Konsplosion is for all ages!! There will be lots of events and performances for people of all ages. we will have some events that will be for older audiences, but they will be clearly marked in the program, as well as posted outside of the event. We will have staff carding at the door, so make sure and have you ID with you!!

Q: If I want to attend an event that has an age restriction, is ID required?
A: Yes. Please have a government issued ID, with a photo and birth date on it. It will be required to enter some events, and must be shown at the entrance of the room, panel, or event.

Q: If I pre-register online, will I receive my badge in the mail?
A: No. Pre-Reg badges will be available for pick up the day of the show. There will be a section at main registration for Pre-Reg pick up. Please have your receipt from online pay with you when you pick up your badges, and the name or email address of the purchaser.

Q: Do I have to be in costume in order to attend Konsplosion?
A: Not at all! While many people prefer to dress up as their favorite character, it is not required at all!

Q: Does my badge have to be worn at all times?
A: Yes. Attendees must have their badges on and visible at all times. Badges may be tucked away for photos, or while on stage for costume contests, but all other times, they must be visible to Konsplosion staff.

Q: Can I bring my Service Animal to Konsplosion?
A: Konsplosion welcomes ADA Certified/Qualified Service Animals only, providing they are accompanied with the Correct Government paperwork at the event.


Q: Can I pass out promotional material for other conventions at Konsplosion?
A: All promotional materials need to have prior written approval before being distributed. If you are found to be distributing something without approval you will be asked to leave.So what do you need to do? Email konsplosion at gmail dot com and get approval!

FAQs may be updated leading up to the convention. If you have any questions, or would like more info on a FAQ you’ve seen here, please contact us.