2016 Cosplay Guest: Infinite Joy Cosplay

InfiniteJoyCosplay 1

It all started at the fall Arkansas Anime Festival in 2009. Trish bought a poorly sized Rinoa Heartily cosplay and a friend helped her make it work. By the Spring A2F convention, she had fallen down the rabbit hole into the world of cosplay.

InfiniteJoyCosplay 2Her mom and grandma taught her how to use a sewing machine, and she made her first cosplay on her own. From there, she has worked on expanding her skills in costume armor making, wigs, makeup, and sewing – even winning cosplay awards at conventions.

Trish cosplays as female, male, anime, video game, and TV show characters. Often enough the costume is what sparks her interest. Cosplay and theater take up a lot of her time but she enjoys every minute of it, frustrations and all. She also loves meeting people at conventions and sharing and receiving cosplay tips. She definitely supports that cosplay is for everyone!

Find more of her work at Facebook.com/InfiniteJoyCosplay and also on Instagram at Instagram.com/infinitejoycosplay