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The Gorgeous and Incredible Cosplay you will see at Konsplosion!

Incredible Performers

There is something magical happening every minute!

Tasty Snax from Japan!

Not just Pocky! So much to choose from. Don't forget the Ranmune!

We have the best Con Goers!

Kids, Families, Adults, Teens...all make it a great time!

Pink isn't just a color

It's an Attitude!

Konsplosion 2015 Is Coming
September 11th,12th,and 13th!

You won't believe the Guests, Performers and Panels! We promise you will have fun!


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More new Guests all the time!

Video and Tabletop Gaming

We have tournaments and More games than you have dice!

Konsplosion Cosplay

So much great Cosplay, we have 2 Contests!